International Cricket Council gives rankings and points rating to all international cricket playing nations in T20 format. The ranking of each team is calculated on the basis of ICC rules as defined this PDF. After completion of every Twenty20 series, the rankings and points table is updated.

Let’s have a look at the latest team rankings and their positions in the ICC T20I points rating table.

ICC Rankings for T20 Teams

Rank Team Matches Rating
1  New Zealand 24 129
2 India 28 123
3 South Africa 27 118
4 West Indies 22 116
5 England 23 115
6 Australia 21 114
7 Pakistan 34 113
8 Sri Lanka 30 96
9 Afghanistan 34 84
10 Bangladesh 28 72

You can get full rankings on ICC’s official

7 thoughts on “ICC T20I Rankings for Teams”
  1. May be afghanistan can take india on challenging asia’s trophy because the record of afgnis..,is much better with above 10 Ranking opponents team.

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