ICC T20 World Cup Winners, Runners-up List

ICC T20 world cup (formerly known as World T20) is the prestigious cricket event which is usually contested in every two years and it is organized by International Cricket Council. Men’s first edition of T20 world cup was played in 2007, hosted in South Africa. India won the first ICC world twenty20 competition by defeating Pakistan in the final match.

ICC World Twenty20 Winners List

Since 2007, six ICC men’s t20 World cup tournaments have been concluded successfully and the latest edition was played in India from 8 March to 3 April 2016 which was won by West Indies by defeating England in the final played at Eden Gardens.

West Indies is the most successful team of men’s twenty20 world cup as they are the winners of two championships in 2012 and 2016. Let’s have a look at the list of ICC T20 world cup winners so far.

T20 World Cup Winners

Year Host Winner Runner-up Final Result
2007 South Africa India Pakistan India won by 5 runs (Scorecard)
2009 England Pakistan Sri Lanka Pakistan won by 8 wickets (Scorecard)
2010 West Indies England Australia England won by 7 wickets (Scorecard)
2012 Sri Lanka West Indies Sri Lanka West Indies won by 36 runs (Scorecard)
2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka India Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets (Scorecard)
2016 India West Indies England West Indies won by 4 wickets (Scorecard)
2021 India TBC TBC TBC
2022 Australia TBC TBC TBC

Which team will win ICC men’s twenty20 world cup in 2021 in India? Share your views in the comment area.


  1. Waiting for T20 world cup sixth edition quite badly and will be looking forward to see who will win 2016 ICC World T20. Will it be from previous champions India, Pakistan, England, West Indies and Sri lanka or from other top teams like Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

  2. Good info

  3. I hope Pakistan win the T 20 world cup 2016

  4. southe africe and pakistan

  5. Har har mahadev

    India wil win the match of t20 wld cup.

  6. Australia vs South Africa. . Africa wins the 2016 T20 cup

  7. I hope india win the t20 2016 world cup

  8. No host country won T20 since inception and also no country won it 2nd time. Going by this the potential winner can be one from Australia, South Africa or New Zealand teams this time.

  9. Marcus Nicholas

  10. India south Africa Nz

  11. WC 2016 winner RSA

  12. In sha Allah pakistan win the t20 world cup

  13. South Africa or newziland will take cup.

  14. Don't be Serious Guyzz... :D

    May be Afghanistan win the ICC T20 WorldCup…. 😀

  15. in sha allaha win the pakistan 19 march

  16. insha allah hindustan hi jeetega khwaja ka hindustan zinda baaaaaadd

  17. India will win the t20 world cup 2016……:-P)
    Pakistan to gaya…

  18. Abbas Umar____Aamin………………………

  19. Akshay kumar pradhan

    Southafrica win twenty 20 winner

  20. lets any one win the cup but we must always b +tive tat our country wins & insha ALLAH India will b the champions again if they play well with cool mind

  21. Yes ind win of tha mach i like india

  22. India will win

  23. India vs Australia
    Awesom Match……….

  24. Guys leave it who will win,
    Enjoy the day today is imreasive match between aus Vs india enjoy the day..

  25. If nz win I will happy

  26. Yay india qualified to semifinal hope it will go to final and win it.

  27. I hope India won 2016 T20 World cup…

  28. India will win the T20 world cup. 100% sure .

  29. In sha Allah india win the t20 world cup

  30. i love T20 world cup

  31. Definitely India will win. No doubt.

  32. I hope new-zealand won t20 wc 2016 because in 2007 India played his 1 st match with Pakistan and India win but in 2016 India loss is 1st match against newzealand

  33. Pakistan will win the wt20 2016 because india is loser

  34. sai naga prasanna

    I hope India will win the World T20 2016 match if Kohli and Yuvi do the same show with other two teams too. Really 3 Mind blowing match from team India, really nice team-work. In this world cup Kohli, Yuvi Hardik Pandya, Jaddu, Aswin are real heros in this world cup. If other players are also do their work no one beat India.

  35. india must win this t20.. chakde india

  36. chakde india …this t20

  37. Kiwies will won.

  38. India is going to win this world Cup In’Sha’ALLAH

  39. India going to final

  40. India is definataly win because its time for mauka mauka……….

  41. West indies vs england final match, west indies will win the match

  42. Asif Hussain Khan

    Definitely. India will win

  43. England Will win this WT2016

  44. Curry goat and rive

    You are all fools! West Indies will become the 1st team to win this tournament twice! Loved the look of the home crowd when they were nervous. Indians only sing when they are winning!


  45. England will win

  46. 2016 T20 Winner World Cup is WEST INDIES

  47. Now Ingland is going to win [email protected] world cup
    Be cheerful

  48. england win final 2016

  49. even though India lost the semifinal ,they did not lose it badly !
    west indies will LOSE it !

  50. 2016 T20 champions will be west indies

  51. Naba Raj Tiwari

    Of course, West indies deserve it.

  52. England is winner

  53. West indies will win and no doubt about this

  54. Because who won over India that team unbeatenable

  55. West Indies stronger team. Good Luck West Indies!

  56. One team beat India ..and other beat the team which had beat India……..So India is in fourth place…. I prefer England to win……Tough team to beat….

  57. England will win T20 WC. Three Lions are roaring \o/\o/\o/

  58. One team beat India ..and other beat the team which had beat India……..So India is in fourth place…. I prefer England to win……Tough team to beat….

  59. Prateek Sonawane

    All the best for both the teams today.
    But I will be supporting West Indies.
    Worth watching match….!!!!!

  60. 2016 winner westindies welldon

  61. Next T20 world cup is in 2018. I hope India will win that tournament.

  62. The west indies won the Icc world twenty20 2016 against England and became the first team to win the icc world twenty20 twice! In 2012 and 2016. It was said that the next icc world twenty20 tournament is in year 2020.

  63. West indies did it on.2012 and 2016 Brathwaite stole last over from Stokes amazing finish well done caribbean remember the name Carlos it ain’t finish yet boys said Ian bishop

  64. Waiting for ICCT20WC 2018

  65. I hope india will win 2018 t20 world cup because india captain virat kohli is beter play in t20 and new players in come in team so come year 2018 and start word cup

  66. i thingk bangladesh can win in 2018 t20 word cup

  67. sorry,bangladesh,south africa and australia


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