Video poker is a popular game among players as it offers a big win. Most video poker players hope to achieve a royal flush while playing, as it could result in them getting x4000 the bet payoff. To get maximum benefit, you must understand how to use the cards and count the poker hands ranking you have in your hand.

While playing a 52-card deck, you will have to choose which cards to hold and which ones to discard to get replacement cards. However, you will have to remember the cards you discard will not appear in the second draw. However, here are some facts that explain your chance of hitting the royal flush and how much it pays.


On an initial deal, the chance of being dealt a five-card royal flush is as small as 0.00015% that is one chance in 649740. Players may think with such long odds, and they may not get the royal flush. But this might not be their case always. There are various chances of hitting the royal flush if you are playing video poker regularly. 

Five Cards 

If you get five bad cards on your hand, you must discard all of them immediately to increase your chance of hitting the royal flush. You can replace them to get a new set of five cards to help you get the royal flush. In such situations, the chance of hitting the royal flush is 1 in 383,484. However, the odds may be long, but you still have a probability of dealing the five-card royal flush.

Four Cards 

You must have some extra luck on your side if you get an opportunity of being dealt four cards to the royal flush. However, it may not occur very often. The average of four cards to the royal flush may come once in every 2777 hands, approximately once in every 4.5 half hours of constant playing. When you keep playing video poker, you can get that one card that you need for a royal on the draw that is about 1 in 47. 

Three Cards 

There is an outstanding opportunity to be dealt three cards to the royal flush while playing internet video poker. You may get the chance approximately once in every 92 hands, that is, thirteen times in every two hours. Unlike the above situation, you have a chance of getting the royal flush while holding the three cards to the royal is about 1 in 1081.

Two Cards

While playing video poker, the chance of being dealt a two-card royal flush is more significant than a four-card royal flush and three-card royal flush. Players can expect and hope to be dealt a two-card royal flush once in every thirteen hands on an average of approximately forty-six times per hour. The odds of drawing a royal from two cards are long, which is one in 16215. 

One Card 

The average of players getting one high card is approximately a hundred times per hour. However, there is a possibility of holding one single high card that can hit the draw button and can deal the remaining four cards you need for a royal flush. But, players should not expect it to happen quite often as the odds are one in 178,365. 

Hitting the Royal Flush

Players who frequently play video poker do have a higher chance of hitting the royal flush, resulting in 4000 coins payoff. You can find many books that describe poker strategies and give a lot of information about the game of poker, as well as visit trusted online resources to learn more about poker hands, and especially the royal flush. Good luck!

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