Sports betting is fun, and cricket has some of the best betting opportunities. As a beginner, you will probably wager on match bets that have win/lose outcomes. Some beginners lose heart when they don’t rake in the serious money they expected when starting cricket betting. It is important to keep in mind that you got into online cricket betting for the fun of it. But it is also fun to win. There are good feelings that you have made the correct call.

Twenty20 cricket schedule fixtures.

What are some mistakes you should avoid as a beginner? 

Having Very High Hopes

They say you should not gamble your lunch money. Sports betting is not an exact science. Even the most experienced cricket bettors do not get correct predictions all the time. Remember that outcomes that are most likely to come true have very low odds.  You should learn how odds work.

An event that has a 90% likelihood of happening will have odds of 1.11. If you wagered a stake of ₹10,000, you would only get ₹110  as profit. An outcome that has 20% of winning will have odds of 5. If you bet ₹10,000, you would get ₹50,000. You have two choices; you could decide to go for safe bets and very low returns, or you could try to go for high odds and risk losing a lot of money.   

You should not get into cricket sports betting with hopes of instant riches. Instead, try to learn the game as much as possible and test your knowledge in calling correct bets. The money comes as a bonus. 

Ignoring to Research 

It is easy to make bets based on your emotions. If India is playing England in the UK, you will feel inclined to support your national team. But the statistics might tell you a different story. Asian teams do not do very well in Europe. 

Another common mistake is going with the crowd. Just because some sports commentator says something will happen does not make it true. The popular opinion is often right, but not always. 

Always research the playing teams. There are plenty of cricket sites you can use for research into teams’ past performances. You need to know as much as you can about the key players. What is their track record in the format they are playing? Some players are good in the Tests but do poorly in T20s. Also, research the cricket pitch hosting the game. How old is it? How do bowlers perform when it is dry vs when it is wet? 

Researching your game properly is the best way to increase your chances of a win. There is an added advantage in game research. You will become more knowledgeable in cricket.  

Picking the Wrong Bet Option 

There are plenty of betting options in a cricket match. There are the popular match bet options whose outcome can be estimated relatively easily. For example, India (1.30) vs England (1.75). You can call match bets pretty easily if you have good research. 

There are prop or proposition bets, which bet on subjects not related to the outcome of a match. For example, Batsman X to score 90 runs. Prop bets are harder to call, which makes them higher priced. Be careful with prop bets. As a beginner, it is better to stick with safe match bet options.

Betting Without a Plan 

You will blow a lot of money quickly if you bet without a plan. Develop a betting plan as you become more comfortable. A betting plan guides your money management. It ensures you do not blow your bankroll in a single weekend.

Cricket betting is fun to learn. Understand your teams and betting options, and you will start picking winners consistently. 

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