Prominent sports promoter Nadeem Omar has asked Pakistan Cricket Board to push International Cricket Council for shifting next year’s ICC World T20 from India to another country. According him Pakistan should talk with other nations like Australia, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa and West Indies to change the venue for 2016 twenty20 world cup due to players security concern.

Nadeem said, “Pakistan must take a firm stand and should garner support from leading cricketing nations like England, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies to shift the 2016 World T20 from India due to serious security concerns there.”

“There is a serious security situation in India now insofar the visiting teams and officials are concerned. Look what happened to senior and respected umpire like Aleem Dar and how he was withdrawn in a jiffy by the ICC who shamelessly bowed to Shiv Sena demands.”

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Shahrayar Khan went to India to talk with BCCI officials regarding the revival of indo-pak cricket ties but a group of people from Shiv Sena protested hard and forced BCCI to cancel the meet between two boards.

Mr. Nadeem said on Wednesday that Indian officials approach wasn’t good and they didn’t show any kind of respect towards the PCB chairman. India didn’t respect the efforts of Pakistan government and cricket board over the bilateral series. Hence we should not run after India as our pride and self respect are on stake.

He said, “India’s hostile and inflexible approach towards PCB chief Shaharyar Khan’s repeated efforts to revive bilateral cricket series is totally unjustified, rather insulting. I strongly feel that we should now forget about appeasing the Indians to play cricket with Pakistan because our self respect and pride is at stake now after the incidents on Monday.”

“The Indians have yet again projected their narrow-mindedness and biased approach towards Pakistan by mixing sports with politics. They have not spared the South Africans either, simply because they are taking the better of India at home, but the ICC unfortunately is turning a blind eye to it all.”

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