At first look, 2022 seems to be challenging and riddled with issues (some of which are intractable); nonetheless, the previous year may be regarded as a breakthrough to some degree.

Given the present circumstances, the gambling sector, particularly online casinos, has shown to be effective as a solid foundation for gambling and assistance to the industry’s growth.

According to a recent Grand View Research, Inc. analysis, the global sports betting industry is expected to reach US$ 182.12 billion by 2030, with an annual growth rate of 10.3% between 2023 and 2030.

The proliferation of internet infrastructure and the altering regulatory environment of the whole gambling sector throughout the globe are driving market growth. This post will take a deeper look at this phenomenon.

The Ups and Downs of Gambling

Within the backdrop of many years before, the internet gaming sector has presented a unique circumstance. As most other industries grew in 2019 and 2020, the gaming sector lost more than half of its value.

The Business Research Company reports a drop of 53.3% in casino income, 62.9% in lottery income, and 64.8% in sports betting income. In the year 2020, when the worldwide coronavirus pandemic first appeared, several industries began a rapid collapse.

On the other hand, developments in crypt architecture and internet gaming quickly turned positive. There has been a notable, if incomplete, rebound in the market. Revenues from gambling establishments rose by 37.3%, lottery receipts by 43.6%, and those from sportsbooks by 44.8%.

In 2020 and ’21, the online gaming industry as a whole had a recovery rate of 41.6%. Nonetheless, a 30.8% compound annual growth rate is projected to be maintained at least until 2025.

The analysts at The Business Research Company predict that the average annual growth rate will peak at 8.6% during the next six years, and then level out at 8.1% until 2030.

Gambling Rapid Growth Reason

The global spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted the daily routines of many families. As a result, several sporting events were called off throughout the globe, and land-based casinos and bookmakers were forced to close.

However, the proliferation of esports and other virtual athletic events helped the online sports betting market thrive during and after the epidemic. There was a spike in the number of people betting on sports online at 24betting during the epidemic, reflecting the activity’s growing popularity.

For instance, research by Public Health England found that the popularity of online casino gambling increased by over 9.0% during the epidemic.

According to a poll conducted by the Great Britain Gambling Commission, Covid-19 has also influenced shifts in people’s betting preferences, with mobile devices remaining the most preferred platform. Another major finding from the poll was a widespread propensity to wager on esports.

Current Trend in Gambling

The most recent development is online gambling establishments’ widespread use of Web3 architecture and blockchain technology. The advent of crypto technologies has ushered in a new genre of video games: blockchain games.

It is also crucial to highlight the fact that several online casinos started accepting cryptocurrency in 2022. Just as importantly, this is why governments all around the globe have started to legalize this industry (even in those countries where it seemed impossible).

It’s also important to note the development trends in rapid and mobile games. Both of these trends have been there for a while, but this year they finally broke through. As mobile device technology improves, more and more people are opting to play fast-paced slot machines from their mobile devices.

Gambling 2030: How it will be?

The fact that gambling will have been fully legalized all throughout the world by then is still the most crucial aspect. This relates to the realm of online casinos in the vast majority of cases.

In addition, by the year 2030, the whole sector will have shifted over to using the Web3 paradigm. The introduction of blockchain technology will inevitably have an effect on online casinos.

Because of this, we will have the opportunity to acquire industry-exclusive items, such as the author’s slot games based on NFT, and a reliable mechanism for players to settle their winnings.

Gambling will only improve, and there will be much more money in it, undoubtedly encouraging governments to regulate the activity and make money from gambling taxes.


Statistics demonstrate that even in a recession, the online gaming sector is the most fantastic place for newcomers to begin. Experts’ overly bullish predictions provide enough motivation to try your luck at online casinos for real money right now.

Because you clearly have something in mind, all you have to do to get started is select a legitimate, high-bonus online casino and sign up.

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