Striker Club is a digital platform dedicated to sports collectibles, and two MPLs employees, Nitesh Jain and Krishna Vedula are at its helm, and is an offshoot of Mobile Premier League (MPL), an e-sports and skill-based gaming mobile application. MPL provides Striker Club with logistical support in the form of a technology transfer. Striker Club is MPLs attempt at foraying into the Web 3 gaming space.

According to Moneycontrol, blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT)-based gaming platforms like Striker Club are gaining popularity, and it is expected to be one of the key trends for the foreseeable future.

How Does Striker Club Work?

The new venture is all about this game’s players collecting digital trading cards, known as drops. These cards can be traded with others in exchange for real money in an open market. Users can even aggregate the platform’s in-game assets to create cards of higher value.

In a nutshell, all games playing Striker Club can own up to 5 cards each. Once purchased, they can hold onto their cards indefinitely, and with them, they can make fantasy teams & trade their cards with other individuals for real money.

The Finer Points:

Now let’s delve into the exciting gameplay. How it works is that Striker Club allows players to create a fantasy team with the cards they own and earn points that are linked with the real-life performances of these players. Competing in a wide range of fantasy contests is also a unique proposition by Striker Club.

The five-a-side teams created by the participants proceed to face-off once they are matched with other players online.

Striker Club offers gamers five distinct sets of cards based on their rarity. These are:

●      Common

●      Rare

●      Epic

●      Legendary

●      Striker

The greater the cards’ rarity, the more points available to the user in their fantasy team. There are four ways in which gamers in Striker Club can obtain these cards. They are available through pack openings, from the app marketplace, through crafting (upgrading the value of existing cards by combining one or more cards of a lower value), and of course, through rewards for winning matches.

How Is Striker Club Different From Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a strategy based online sports game in which players form a virtual team of real cricketers playing in real matches. Gamers get points based on the chosen players performances in real-world matches. As a rule, the gamers get to pick 11 players from a roster on a given day and aim to score higher than their opponents.

In Striker Club, the player’s fortunes hinge on knowledge of the game, just as much on the gameplay as there is a trivia angle to contend with. The maximum of five players in each team is another interesting departure from the eleven members that usually make up the team in regular fantasy cricket.

Rules Of The Game:

The players get to predict and win more significant amounts of money when they guess the winners of categories, such as the man of the match, who the top scorer would be, the highest wicket-taker, etc. Thus, it doesn’t follow a traditional leaderboard format.

For tempting avid and casual gamers alike, Striker Club offers free-to-play fantasy gaming modes in which you can enroll your five-player team to have a shot at a prize pool worth INR one lakh.

These contests are sorted according to the rarity of the cards held by the prospective gamers. The categories are:

●      Common Pro Contest.

●      Rare Pro Contest.

●      Epic Pro Contest.

For entry into the higher-tier tournaments, the gamer should hold the corresponding set of high-value cards. The more uncommon the card, the greater the chances of winning the bounty.

Functioning Of The In-game Marketplace:

The financial transaction in the marketplace functions through MPL’s Good Game Exchange (GGX) platform. Users can display and trade their digital assets on this platform, such as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Good Game Tokens (GGT).

The latter being a utility token, can be used only within the games associated with the GGX platform. These Good Game Tokens will not be made available or listed on platforms outside the game or for use within any other related games.

Players will pocket GGTs by way of rewards when they trade player cards with other players on the marketplace or make in-game purchases. The Good Game Tokens that gamers earn on Striker Club are also tradeable with other players in the real world, and what this means is that they can sell their tokens to other users if they wish in exchange for actual money.

Not to be forgotten is the fact that players can sell their cards to other gamers, and owning a super-exclusive card means they are worth more. For this process, the Good Game Tokens can come in handy.

The Game’s USP:

Striker Club collaborates with a talented community of artists nationwide to create digital art collectibles. This is a great boon for the many gifted artists behind the beautiful artwork you get to see in the game.

Apart from the remuneration bestowed upon the artists for their creations, Striker Club is also experimenting with a model that earns these incredible artists a commission when their art is sold to the fans.


Gamers indulging in Striker Club are in for a treat, thanks to its innovative and unique gameplay. Further, as it is from MPL’s stable, they can look forward to exciting and reliable gameplay that is sure to thrill their senses.

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