Pakistan Cricket Board has made a backup plan for the December month. As per the schedule Pakistan national team is scheduled to play India in a bilateral series but as per threats the possibility of Indo-pak series are very less. Hence in an interview with ESPNcricinfo, one PCB official has said that if proposed bilateral series doesn’t happen with India we will have one domestic Pentangular T20 cup.

The Pakistan government has already given green signal to the series and now only BCCI is awaiting from the decision of Indian government about the series.

“We are concerned and given the short time we have to have a back-up plan. We were expecting them [BCCI] to respond by this week, but unfortunately news coming from India is extremely discouraging. We, in the meantime, are planning a five-team T20 tournament for next month in case BCCI pulls out of their commitment,” he said.

Both boards signed MoU last year according which Pakistan had to host India for 2 tests, 5 ODIs and 3 Twenty20s in United Arab Emirates. But due to tensions between two governments forced Indian cricket board to rethink for playing series again.

In the recent past PCB and BCCI talked each other and have decided that Pakistan will play their home series against India in Sri Lanka in December-January. But government need to give permission to play the series. And if series doesn’t happen, PCB will organize a T20 tournament which will have 5 teams.

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