Cricket match without commentary? Not possible guys..!!

No enjoyment at all.

And T20 cricket is the fastest format of game and twenty20 leagues are perfect entertaining package for sport lovers. Australia’s Big Bash League is also a popular t20 league and commentators enhance the excitement of the live bbl games.

TEN Network is the official broadcasters of KFC Big Bash in Australia. TEN’s commentary team consists of some big cricketers name who have been entertaining viewers for couple of big bash seasons.

Let’s find out list of commentators for 2016-17 big bash league.

BBL|06 Commentators

1. Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist commentator
Adam Gilchrist

2. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting commentator.
Ricky Ponting

3. Andrew Maher

Andy Maher commentator
Andrew Maher

4. Damien Fleming

Damien Fleming commentator
Damien Fleming

5. Mark Howard

Mark Howard commentator
Mark Howard

6. Mark Waugh

Mark Waugh commentator
Mark Waugh

7. Roz Kelly

Roz Kelly commentator
Roz Kelly

8. Mel Jones

Mel Jones commentator
Mel Jones

9. Lisa Sthalekar

Lisa Sthalekar commentator
Lisa Sthalekar
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